Download: Courtship’s ‘Eve Remixes’ EP Featuring Albert Swarm, Drifter

    Courtship is San Francisco resident Patric Fallon. And in the past year, he has churned out dreamy, R&B-leaning synth pop on his Eve EP and, um, a cover of Ciara’s “Ride” that you need to hear right this minute. Well, no, it can wait until after you peep these gorgeous remixes to Eve on the aptly titled Eve Remixes EP. They completely revamp every cut on the project, from the piano-led Papercutz take on “Housed” through Albert Swarm’s ethereal, ambient-leaning remix of “Want Not.” If you haven’t heard of Fallon’s work as Courtship before, considering this the project that plops him right on your radar.

    You can stream and download the EP (by clicking the down arrows) below.

    Courtship – Eve Remixes by Courtship