DOOM Shares New Track “Negus” Via Adult Swim

    DOOM will be sharing new tracks for the next 14 weeks.

    DOOM - Missing Notebook Rhymes

    We’re about to get bombarded with a slew of new DOOM tracks in collaboration with Adult Swim. The rapper producer will either be releasing new tracks or tracks that he’s featured on. For the next 15 weeks (including today), everyone will get to hear a new track on the Adult Swim website. This project has been titled The Missing Notebook Rhymes.

    Today, the first track featured is titled “Negus” by the late rapper Sean Price. It’s a dark and raucous track that will be featured on Price’s posthumous album Imperius Rex. If you’ve been hungry for DOOM, this track will only satiate you temporarily. Its sinister beat will keep you wanting more.

    If you’re wondering why the project was titled The Missing Notebook Rhymes, it’s because it had to do with an incident that happened to the rapper 7 years ago. According to myth, when he was denied entry into the Metalface Records office in Los Angeles, a certain notebook had gone missing. Each new track will represent entries from said notebook.

    Altogether, by the end of the project there will have been more than enough music for one full-length for DOOM fans to salivate over. The Adult Swim senior vice president Jason DeMarco promises us that the next “15 straight weeks” will deliver a new track from the hip hop maven. That’s probably the only downside to this whole project.

    So although hip hop heads will have to wait, it’ll all be worth it. The first entry is already legend as it is a Sean Price track. One of the future tracks will be by Jay Electronica. DeMarco also stated that there will be “all sorts of special guests.”

    If you’ve been patient enough to wait for each new Game of Thrones episode, you’ll be more than patient enough to hear a new DOOM track for the next 14 weeks.

    Listen to the first entry below: