DOOM Opens Up About His Rap Origins, Air Quality In Strip Clubs, And Nas’ Pool Parties

    Spin has just posted a rare interview with DOOM, conducted from a pub in his new adoptive city of London. The once-secretive rapper opens up about everything from listening to hip hop at home as a teenager, hygiene at strip clubs, and what it’s like to go to a pool party Nas is hosting. Here are my two favorite quotes:

    1. He’s got some great ideas about air quality:

    If Doom had a club, what would he do to keep it hygienic? 

    Whoa, man, I seen so many things. [Pauses] Man, it’s like oxygen that’s recycled. People are breathing back in the same air so they need oxygen filters. Instead of spending money on bullshit security they don’t need, it’s like the air that people are breathing on airplanes, it’s such a simple solution. That’s just one I thought of. I don’t cough, I take off, I cough, and then it’s like why am I coughing? You should be able to breath the air above the sea, not the air that’s regenerated in the plane. That’s really unhygienic. There’s a lot of real things like that but I won’t go too far into it.

    2. His mom calls him “Doom”:

    Did she ever give you any constructive feedback on those early songs? 

    No. Only now does she be like, “Hey Doom” — she calls me Doom by the way — so I’ll get a text like, “Doom, you know that song you wrote?” She’s more encouraging now. It’s better late than never, you know, fuck it.

    If you haven’t already heard it, DOOM’s new JJ DOOM collaboration with Jneriro Jarel, Key To The Kuffs, is now streaming before its official release next week. Head over to SPIN to read more.