Don’t Worry, Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian “Love Each Other”

    Looks like Beyoncé isn’t putting the B in beef—any reports that she and Kim Kardashian are feuding are total baloney, according to TMZ. Bey reportedly asked Kim to stop stealing Jay-Z’s spotlight at his Made In America festival in Philadelphia, and there have been rumors swirling that there’s no love lost between Beyoncé and Kim ever since the most famous Kardashian started dating Kanye West.

    But we can all rest easy. “Sources close to Beyoncé’s camp”—that’s three degrees of separation from her, but hey, this is TMZ, it must be accurate enough—say they “love each other—they talk fashion, family, Beyonce’s baby all the time.” Good to know the beefing beauties are actually maybe more like BFFs.