Hoping For A New Postal Service Album? Don’t Hold Your Breath

    The second Postal Service album is like the Big Foot of indie-yuppie folklore. Every year a few rumors swirl around hinting at some sort of life from the long-dormant project, only for hopes to be dashed when nothing comes of it.


    This latest inkling comes from the producer-half of the band, Jimmy Tamborello, who is currently making interview rounds promoting his two new Dntel EPs. Spinner asked him about the status of his collaboration with Ben Gibbard, and his reply was relatively straight-forward: “There’s not much of an update. Had a couple of false starts [a couple years back], and went on to other things — but there’s a good chance that it’ll never come together.”


    Tamborello continued by saying, “It was really just like, we started working on a couple of songs, and then Ben got busy with Death Cab again.” So there’s at least the skeleton of new Postal Service songs on Tamborello’s computer. That’s a good sign, but “don’t get your hopes up” seems to be the mood. He concluded: “I think at this point, everybody just assumes it’s not going to happen. It’ll be a pleasant surprise if we can get it together.”


    The band’s debut, of course, went gold, and I’d be interested in hearing a second effort. But in some ways, it seems that the Postal Service was a band for a specific time, never built to last. Hearing Give Up today mostly just reminds me of The O.C. [Spinner]