Don’t Expect ‘Call Me Maeby’ Jokes In ‘Arrested Development’

    Think back on the summer of 2012. It wasn’t that long ago — the election hadn’t heated up, a man hadn’t jumped to Earth from the stratosphere, and a catchy song was all over the radio. Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe could be heard everywhere, whether you wanted to listen or not, and people with no taste for pop music found themselves humming it in the aisle at the grocery store or tapping the steering wheel to it on the way home from work. 

    If you’re an Arrested Development fan, then one thing’s for sure: you probably thought it would make a good baseline for a joke on that show. 

    There are plenty of puns at the ready for Alia Shawkat’s character. Hell, even the first episode sees Maeby introduced that way (“Hey, you’re my cousin, aren’t you?” “Maybe.”). So like everyone else, you probably thought you were being clever when you imagined George Michael or Lindsay Bluth leaving a message along the lines of “Call me, Maeby.”

    Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you won’t hear any of that when the program returns next year. According to Vulture, Shawkat shot down any notion of such jokes in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. To be precise, when she’s asked about that pun being included, she just says, “Ummm, no.” 

    All I know is that she’d better say “Marry me!” at some point, or there’s going to be a riot.