Domino Set To Release Orange Juice Box Set

    For those of us frail, music dorks who spent high school scouring the Internet looking for every single interview with Stuart Murdoch and company, the term Orange Juice refers first to the Edwyn Collins-led 80’s post-punk outfit and not the fresh-squeezed variety. Despite only garnering a single hit, one listen to Orange Juice now and their influence on much of what has characterized a large portion of indie rock during the Y2K’s is undeniable.


    In hopes of solidifying their legacy, Domino will be releasing a six-CD boxed set of the seminal Scots on Nov. 8. Coals to Newcastle will include Orange Juice’s entire discography along with outtakes, BBC sessions, unreleased tracks, and a DVD of music videos and live footage. The entire track list can be found over at Domino’s site.