When Kendrick Lamar Says ‘Sit Down’ This Humble Pooch Listens – Watch

    Kendrick Lamar can now add master dog trainer to his list of accomplishments according to new video

    Yorkshire Terrier Dog Humble - Kendrick Lamar

    To say Kendrick Lamar has been having an absolutely massive couple of years is a little bit of an understatement. He’s been dominating the charts by grabbing the ears of both the under and overground audiences and proving that he and his fellow friends at TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) are not joking around when it comes to dominating and destroying the rest of the rap game. He’s the thinking man’s favorite rapper, while still appealing to a national audience, and he’s putting the rest of the scene to shame at times with his stunning artistic vision.

    His latest record, DAMN., only seemed to prove even further that Kung Fu Kenny’s lyrical prowess is unstoppable, and while we’ve always been impressed, we’ve just seen something that proves that Kendrick Lamar might not just be king of the rap game, but king of teaching dogs tricks through the power of song as well. A Yorkshire Terrier named Daisy has shown that his single “HUMBLE.” might have the ability to do more than just entertain.

    A woman named Jennifer Kruse posted a video on her Facebook that shows her pet sitting down whenever Lamar says to do so over the course of the lengthy song. It’s truly an impressive feat for what must be an incredibly observant pup. To be entirely honest, it could definitely be hard for any regular person not entirely fluent in English to understand rap’s sometimes fast lines and complicated lyricism, so for a dog to even understand bits and pieces is truly beyond any type of normal comprehension. If that’s not a queue for all to continue taking a knee for Lamar in the days to come, we don’t know what is. We also hope Daisy got more than a few treats after showcasing her talent.

    In other news in the world of TDE, SZA has dropped her album CTRL.