DMX Gives Up His Fighting Chance

    For all those fans clamoring to see X vs. Martinez, the non-fight of the century, here’s a bit of bad news. DMX’s manager, concerned that her client might not be able to go the distance, attempted to add a clause to the original contract whereby the “Event Promoter and Management agree that Artist (DMX) is scheduled to win Boxing Challenge.” Worse yet, the fix was supposed to remain a secret, as an additional addendum further stipulated “Event Promoter, Management, Other Contenders and Artist agree to not release this information to any public or private outlets.”


    Perhaps anticipating the outcry from DMX’s fanbase, MMA purists, and celebrity fighting bookies, the new contract clauses explain that “this event has been scheduled to occur only in fun and that the Artist involved is not a professional boxer.” In a ploy to protect DMX from his own ego and his opponent’s fists, DMX’s rep reiterated, “he’s a hip hop artist, not a boxer.” As Thunder Promotions threatens breach of contract and seeks another poet warrior, is it too late to give Chris Brown his shot at glory? [TMZ]