DMX Fought Bad Shellfish During Flight Home

    Rapper DMX, who recently revealed his hope to put out two albums of unreleased music this year, spent last night throwing up in an airplane bathroom. While it’s not the most productive thing he could have been doing, X, or Earl Simmons, had no real control over the situation. He apparently ate some “bad shrimp” at the home of his kid’s mother before boarding a plane in Miami headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. Once the plane landed, he was brought by limo to Gaston Memorial Hospital in nearby Gastonia, where he was treated in the emergency room for food poisoning. After roughly four hours, DMX was picked up by a friend and brought home. Poor guy. Food poisoning’s bad enough, but to be sick and 30,000 feet in the air? I guess that’s why he’s a Ruff Ryder. [TMZ]