DMX arrested at Scott Storch’s house

    Just when you thought life for DMX couldn’t get worse (what, with the month in jail, the drug and dog fighting charges in Arizona), the rapper was arrested yesterday at the house of Scott Storch in Miami after federal agents acted upon a warrant for his arrest from an Arizona judge. DMX is due to appear in court for those dog fighting charges from a  year ago, and failed to show earlier this week.


    In an another twist, X’s whereabouts were given to police by a woman in Atlanta who found out there was a $5,000 reward for DMX’s arrest, and she told police he was hiding at Storch’s foreclosed house in Miami. Storch, as you’ll remember, still has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to pay taxes and child support, and it is not known if he was with DMX at his house. 


    DMX will be held in Miami until he faces a judge, who could grant him bail in the cases in Arizona. But since DMX failed to show this week, that is unlikely, and DMX should be extradited to Arizona within 15 days. [MTV