DMN Lists Music Industry’s 99 Problems

    The lists continue to pour in with the end of the year fast approaching. While best albums of the year lists are most prevelant, it’s good to see other types of recaps like this one from Digital Music News, which points out 99 problems in the music industry. 

    While listing 99 things that are wrong in the music industry does seem to be an awful lot, DMN raises some good points and breaks things down into the categories of: recordings, start-ups, artists, publishing, radio, internet radio, streaming, piracy, music conferences, headphones, the environment, education, and general disruption & misguided thinking.

    Warning: If you work in music, you’ll be a bit bummed if you read the entire list.



    1. Overall recording sales continue to decline, pretty much every year.

    2. Digital formats continue to grow, but not enough to overcome broader declines in physical CDs.

    3. Vinyl continues to grow, but remains a tiny niche compared to broader album, download and streaming sales.

    4. Streaming continues to grow, but potentially at the expense of more lucrative downloads.

    5. A-la-carte downloads continue to grow, though the broader impact on CDs has been disastrous.


    Read the entire list over at DMN.