DJ Whoo Kid Speaks On New 50 Cent Album

    After 50 Cent shelved his rock and techno-influenced Black Magic project, we couldn’t help but wonder exactly where he was going. He, of course, answered that question with an ongoing series of “freestyles.” And they have featured an aggressive, hungry version of 50 circa the early 2000s, something that has made us want a proper new project from the rapper sooner rather than later.


    While we still don’t know when his next album will drop, we do know, thanks to DJ Whoo Kid, that 50 has recorded upwards of 40 tracks already. The DJ said he has heard nine tracks that he called “crazy.” He also revealed that the rapper is looking to collaborate with some artists, though he didn’t drop any names.


    Here’s hoping we get some concrete details soon.


    [Real Talk NY]