DJ Vadim Heads New Soul, Rap-Infused Trio, The Electric

    Producer, label head, and road warrior DJ Vadim, who, yes, is also a DJ, has apparently put together yet another project to continue building that impressive resume of his. Along with his slew of solo releases, Daddy Vad has put out many memorable remixes and worked with One Self.


    For the time being, though, he’s focusing on his latest creation, a soul-infused trio called the Electric. It features the turntable-maestro collaborating with Chicago rapper Pugs Atomz and singer Sabira Jade for a Russia-Chicago-United Kingdom connection. In the words of DJ Vadim: “The Electric for me are songs that are filled with more joy, more sadness, more triumph, more faith in the supernatural, much deeper feelings.”


    You will be able to hear more of what Vadim’s talking about when the Electric’s debut, Life Is Moving, drops March 14. Check out the track “So Now You Know,” a soulful, jazzy head-nodder, at the link below.