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DJ Shadow Performs In Big White Ball At Wireless Festival, Debuts New Music



I appreciate a DJ who recognizes that squinting at a Jumbotron to watch a man push buttons, jiggle sliders and move CD/record player platters isn't the most entertaining spectacle for everyone, so he decides to climb into a huge, white sphere and have projections do the talking. "Pish posh, how is that any more entertaining," you ask? Well, here's a sample conversation between projected text and a crowd:

"DJ Shadow does not have a new album out" [Boos]

"But there is some new music..." [Cheers]

"Would you like to be the first in the world to hear it?" [More cheers]

DJ Shadow, perhaps taking a cue from Daft Punk, put his best foot forward into said mini-Death Star at the Wireless Festival this past Saturday, July 3 in Hyde Park, London. The DJ/producer has been working primarily outside of the public eye since his last album in 2006 The Outsider, so the show was a rare glimpse at what he's been working on. A little unclear how long he spent in the ball, but he gave behind-the-scenes access at a certain point while performing this new unnamed cut, as well:



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DJ Shadow

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