DJ Quik Freestyles On ‘Selector’

    It’s been a minute since there’s been an episode of Pitchfork TV’s freestyle rap show, Selector, but they’ve got a blockbuster guest for the latest episode: O.G. DJ Quik, who has produced for the likes of T.I. and Jay-Z and many others, who freestyles over a song by Loyal Divide. In the first part, Quik talks patterning himself after Quincy Jones, and in the freestyle portion, second below, he raps into a dinosaur bone before saying “I bet Eric Wright is turning over in his grave, to see that some of all done make gangster rap gay,” which is some dart throwing. It’s a pretty entertaining episode, especially when Quik starts deconstructing the beat by directing his DJ to drop parts in and out. Watch it below. [P4K