DJ Premier Updates On The Status Of His Full-Length Collaboration With Nas

    In an interview with HipHopDX, DJ Premier has updated fans on the status of his much-anticipated collaboration with Nas. Premier has been involved in the production of many of the rapper’s records, from his 1994 debut onwards, but this would be the first time the two have created an entire full-length together.

    Premier revealed how, during their work on the Regeneration Music Project with the Berklee Symphony Orchestra, he had told Nas that he wanted to be part of his forthcoming Life Is Good LP. He gave the rapper some beats, but ultimately they didn’t fit with what Nas was doing. “So I was like, ‘You know what? If it doesn’t fit that, then it doesn’t fit it. I’ll wait until we do our album,’” Premier explained. According to the producer Nas replied, “Wait, let me get through this and put this one out, we’ll start very soon this year.”

    So it sounds like Nas is ready to knuckle-down to the collaboration. As Premier points out, the rapper has made similar claims in the past, but the producer is nevertheless hopeful that the album will finally come to fruition. “He’s said that before but I think this time it’s going down because there’s been more involvement with management and planning it out on how to do it. I’m take his word for it that it’s gonna start this year.” Premier then goes on to speculate, probably in jest, that the album could be called Finally. “You can quote me, but don’t quote me,” he qualifies the suggestion. [HipHopDX]