DJ Premier shares his secrets

    DJ Premier appeared on a German rap radio show recently to give a history lesson about the creation of some of his best records. Dubbed the "14 Deadly Secrets" and available for download on, this is a mix of some of Primo’s best tracks interupted by the creator himself giving a little story behind every song. Starting with his first ever record with Gangstarr "Words I Manifest", Primo goes through the genesis of classics such as Nas’ "Nas Is Like" (sampling a Lutheran church record), KRS-One’s "MCs Act like they Don’t Know", Jay-Z’s "A Million and One Questions", or even "Full Clip", made right after Big L’s murder.


    For those who fell in love with hip-hop because of Primo’s Golden Age "boom-bap" sample-heavy sound, this is pure gold. [Backspin via Spine]