DJ Premier On Guru’s Funeral, Shouts To ‘The Real Hip-Hop’ (Press)

    DJ Premier may be like your parents or Kanye in that he’s an ALL CAPS offender, but his coverage of his late partner Keith “Guru” Elam’s passing has been on point. Yesterday, he gave a quick update on last week’s memorial hosted by the Elam family. The above photo features Primo and Guru’s father The Honorable Harry Elam, Esq. I think you can figure out who’s who. Highlights for Gang Starr fans include: the fact that Primo, Big Shug and members of the Gang Starr Foundation were invited by the family; no mention of Solar; lots of love; and no mention of Solar.

    On another note, Primo also took a moment to repeat his post from last week about his new Fat Joe collabo and to criticize the lack of timely and appropriate coverage by hip-hop media (i.e., “SO-CALLED HIP HOP MAGAZINES”). “THAT SHOWS YOU HOW MUCH THEY USE YOU AND THEN THEY SHIT DOWN YOUR THROAT…” Can’t really disagree with that sentiment. Isn’t Rule 4081 something like, “The industry is about consumption, not cultivation?”