DJ Hero to Feature Z-Trip and DJ Shadow (and Maybe Daft Punk)

    DJ Hero is Activision’s mixing answer to Guitar Hero, in that it’s set to feature a turntable and allow players ot scratch and mix music while playing the game. The game,

    as reported last fall

    , is expected to be out sometime in the early summer (allegedly June), but there are some other details regarding the game that have surfaced, principally that DJ’s Z-Trip and DJ Shadow will be playable avatars in the game, and Daft Punk is rumored to be an additional set of avatars. The Daft Punk avatar is more in the rumor phase right now, but Shadow and Z-Trip are definitely confirmed.


    The game also has a fancy pants new


    announcing its imminent arrival, but there’s no word on what the controller will look like at this point. [

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