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DJ Hero expected next summer

Activision recently acquired FreeStyleGames, a company that is reportedly working on DJ Hero-- a game, like it’s title suggests, that allows players to be a DJ like Guitar Hero allows them to be guitarists.


Here are some details via Kotaku:


The controller (which looks nothing like the standard deck featured here) will have three big buttons and a platter for scratching. Instead of the music scrolling down a staff, the music will instead be displayed as a half record that revolves as players sample and scratch. The controllers will be contoured to fit in the player’s lap, but the company is also considering legs so the player can play standing up. Most of the music will be mash-ups (Beyonce vs. Jimi Hendrix, and 50 Cent vs. Beastie Boys are the only confirmed songs so far).


Activision is hoping to have the game out next summer. [Kotaku]

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