Divine Fits To Play First Show In Austin

    Britt Daniel spent his formative musical years in Austin, first with Skellington and then the much, much more successful Spoon. Now he’s got another band with Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and New Bomb Turks’ Sam Brown called Divine Fits, which will put out its debut A Thing Called Divine Fits on August 28 via Merge.

    Before that, though, the band will be heading back to Daniel’s stomping grounds for its first official show at Austin’s Beerland on August 1. Being an Austinite, I can tell you this is an appropriately scuzzy place for Divine Fits to assert its rock and roll swagger. Says Daniel, via the super group’s Facebook page:

    Is it weird to be in a band where you’ve made a record but you’ve never played in front of an audience? We’ve certainly played together a lot — starting at the end of last year with a couple weeks of let’s see what happens and drink vodka and eat Russian ice cream at a place called LA Rehearsal in Little Armenia. Then in January when Dan came to stay with me and Sam visited and we all wrote songs & rehearsed them every day for a couple months. And then when we recorded (usually live) in the studio with Nick Launay. And really, the answer is yes. It is weird. Doing shows is the most immediate part of the whole deal and for me it’s a huge chunk of the equation of why being in a band is so great. I do feel kinda mental not having been able to do that yet. So is it good timing that pretty soon we’ll finally be doing some shows? Yes. And I personally am real happy that this band’s first show will be in the the town where I’ve played more gigs than any other, the place I’ve spent most the years of my life, the city that always welcomes me back with enthusiasm and affection (with the exception of that one time at the Beauty Bar) — Austin, Texas. Divine Fits will be playing at Beerland on Tuesday August 1 with The Young opening. I think they’re putting tickets up next week? I hope so. I’m ready to feel normal again.

    They certainly sound normal, given the metronomically cool first single “Would That Not Be Nice.” If you haven’t done so already, take a listen below. [Consequence of Sound]