Dirty Projectors to Release Bitte Orca on Limited-Edition Cassette, Really

    With the release of their new album Bitte Orca only a month or so away, Dirty Projectors are using the album’s release to tap into a nostalgia that might not actually exist. They’re revisiting the gone-and-kind-of-forgotten days of cassettes. That’s right, along with CD and vinyl formats, Bitte Orca will be available as a limited-edition cassette tape, available only at the Domino online store. And since there is no iPhone app that will play cassettes (yet), the tape will include a free MP3 download of the album so you can, you know, listen to it. No word yet on an 8-track release for the album. But you never know.


    Bitte Orca is out June 8 in the UK and June 9 in North America on Domino.


    Cassette track list (same as vinyl sequence):


    Side A:

    01 Cannibal Resource

    02 Temecula Sunrise

    03 The Bride

    04 Stillness Is the Move

    05 Two Doves


    Side B:

    01 Useful Chamber

    02 No Intention

    03 Remade Horizon

    04 Fluorescent Half Dome