Dirty Projectors reinterpret Black Flag’s Damaged on new album

    Vehement Black Flag fans, take a breath and keep reading. That headline doesn’t mean that Dirty Projectors, the musical project made up mainly of Dave Longstreth, is doing one of those track-by-track remakes of a classic album. Here’s the story: when Longstreth was recently helping his parents move, he came across his old cassette case of Damaged. Problem was, the cassette wasn’t in it. With Damaged‘s songs bouncing through his head and wanting to get them out, Longstreth did what any artist who has also created a concept album with Don Henley as the central character would do; he grabbed some equipment and sat down to record what he remembered of the album, without reviewing its music or lyrics. The results comprise Rise Above, due out September 11 from Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar offshoot Dead Oceans. Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear helped Longstreth record the album. Sample a song from it, “No More,” below.
    “No More”