Dirty Projectors Releasing Expanded ‘Bitte Orca’

    It’s been more than a year since Dirty Projectors broke through to wider indie fame via their excellent Bitte Orca, so it’s time to reissue that thing to coincide with a tour. That’s right, the band is expanding the album to two discs, the second disc of which will feature an acoustic session, vinyl-only B-sides, and a cover of Bob Dylan’s As I Went Out One Morning. The expanded version of Bitte is due out on Sept. 28 via Domino. Here’s the track list:



    01 Cannibal Resource

    02 Temecula Sunrise

    03 The Bride

    04 Stillness Is the Move

    05 Two Doves

    06 Useful Chamber

    07 No Intention

    08 Remade Horizon

    09 Fluorescent Half Dome



    01 Fluorescent Half Dome (Live at Other Music)

    02 Temecula Sunrise (Live at Other Music)

    03 Two Doves (Live at Other Music)

    04 Cannibal Resource (Live at Other Music)

    05 No Intention (Live at Other Music)

    06 Ascending Melody

    07 Emblem of The World

    08 Bitte Bitte Orca

    09 Stillness Is the Move (Lucky Dragons Remix)

    10 As I Went Out One Morning