Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth reviews his reviewers

    In the wake of the Dirty Projector’s triumphant Bitte Orca, many reviewers have struggled to capture exactly what they sound like on paper. The Onion’s AV Club recently sat down with singer-guitarist Dave Longstreth and a list of sometimes spot-on, sometimes outlandish statements from various Bitte Orca reviews to get his take on the critics’ opinions of him. Turns out the man doesn’t mince words.  When compared to Frank Zappa, he quipped, “Frank Zappa, I fucking hate. I think that shit is so fucking nerdy. It’s technical in a way that’s really not musical.” Asked about Squeeze singer Glenn Tilbrook, his pop classicist vocal doppelganger, he remarked, “Well, whatever. I don’t give a fuck.” He actually appreciated comparisons to Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and African guitar hero King Sunny Ade, though all gratitude was chased with much trepidation.


    So, here’s a letter to Mr. Longstreth:


    Dear Dave,


    As a rock musician, you are part of a decades-long, international contiuum of sounds and styles. Your band is fiercely original. Your album is awesome. But the second anyone picks up a guitar and starts playing, they invariably rub elbows with someone else’s body of work. Rock is a very crowded room. Relax, and be grateful that people care enough about your work to resort to hyperbole.

    PS. You do sound an awful lot like Glenn Tilbrook. [AV Club]