Diplomat Biopic Possibly In The Works, Say The Diplomats

    Here’s one of those stories that seems impossible, and probably just a case of the group blowing smoke, but might be crazy enough to be true: According to a story on XXLmag.com, the Diplomats are currently shopping their life stories to Hollywood screenwriters, in an effort to get someone to turn their story into a biopic. The group’s idea is that someone could write a movie about them forming as a group, ending with their “triumphant” reunion (which technically has hardly started yet). They envision it as something like Notorious, apparently and they think they can play themselves:

    “It’s gonna be a movie like the way they did Notorious,” Juelz explained. “But we’re just gonna be playin’ ourselves. That might be the first [movie] where we get to play ourselves instead of havin’ people. We’ll do it when we’re younger, but as it gets to us we’ll really play ourselves, cut the hair off our face so we look younger and shit like that.”

    If this happens, this shit would probably just be the best. And by the best, I mean something like that movie where KISS were in an amusement park. The best part? The end of the XXL story when they say we’ll keep you updated about the Diplomats movie like this is something that is as important as the debt ceiling. Classic. [XXL]