Diplo Blogs: In The Studio With Sleigh Bells…And Beyoncé?

    One juicy sentence seems to have been mysteriously deleted from Diplo’s Sleigh Bells-related blog post yesterday: “Me and switch was in studio in nyc tryin to make tracks with derek [Miller, of Sleigh Bells, presumably] and beyonce [yes, that Beyoncé, presumably] last week after we played her team their album.”


    Sounds like maybe somebody’s “team” wasn’t quite ready to tell the whole internet about it yet.


    Alas, it was too late to silence the blogosphere, and rumors based on both the phantom post and a supposed Tweet (also missing, hmmm…) by Sleigh Bells alluding to the collaboration have been flitting breathlessly about the internet.


    If they’re true, then Beyoncé’s fourth album, which has so far been linked to names like Ne-Yo, Jim Jonsin, and Sean Garrett, could actually get interesting.


    One tidbit not obscured by the coverup: Diplo really loves Sleigh Bells. He blogs: “their last album was one of the sickest of ’10 .. its soo sick, its gave me a stomach ache .. half lyrnyrd skinnard [sic] half bangladesh half man half alligator…” Amen. What he said. I think.


    If you’re trying to puzzle out what the hyperactive, bristling, dark energy of Sleigh Bells will sound like once Diplo gets his twitchy hands on it, you can stop holding your breath now. His stuttering remix of “Tell ‘Em” is up for streaming or download on his blog. Now just use your imagination to splice Beyoncé’s power-pipes into the mix and BAM!


    Sleigh Bells’ Treats came out last year on Mom + Pop Records.


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