Diplo Accused Of “Stealing” Beat For Azealia Banks’ “Fuck Up The Fun”

    Update: Oh wait, it looks like Diplo and DJ Master-D co-produced Azealia Banks’ new song, “Fuck Up the Fun,” and the beat wasn’t actually stolen. That’s per Banks’ Twitter:

    Or as Diplo put it:

    Previous post: Well, that didn’t take long: After the track was released yesterday, Diplo is being accused of stealing the beat for  Azealia Banks’ “Fuck Up The Fun” from a song called “Mad Drumz” by DJ Master-D. DJ Master-D’s fans have taken to yelling at Diplo on his SoundCloud, and listening to the two tracks, it’s hard to deny they sound damn similar. But then again, drumline stuff isn’t necessarily unique, and this could be a coincidence.

    But maybe not? Or maybe Diplo and Banks’ label paid for this? Unless Master-D or Diplo comment directly, we won’t know. And neither will probably happen. Compare the tracks below. [FactMag]