Dinosaur Jr. Debuts “Watch The Corners”

    Hands up if you thought the revamped Dinosaur Jr. would last this long, let alone be this good. The trio spent over a decade slowly realizing they hated each other, only to reunite in 2005. Since then the group has put out two well-received albums, with number three on the way. I Bet On Sky sees a release September 18 via Jagjaguwar, and today they’re debuting “Watch The Corners” on Rolling Stone.

    The track is what we’ve come to expect from Dinosaur Jr.–crunchy riffs, deft dynamics, some great instrumental interplay–but with these added years, J. Mascis keeps sounding wiser. There’s even an acoustic break right in the middle, which Mascis says he stole from Black Sabbath. “Suddenly they go into acoustic, back into electric–I guess I’ve always been into that.” Hear it for yourself over at Rolling Stone.