Digging into Neil Young’s Archives set

    It’s fortunate for all concerned that Neil Young’s musical history is as rich is at is, because it’s getting the beejeezus plumbed out of it these days. There are plenty of sonic riches to be found in even the mustiest corners of Young’s attic, though, as will be made apparent by the release of the Archives Vol. 1: 1963-1972 box set early next year.


    Ready or not, here come 10 discs of archival material from the troubadour’s early days, which will be on both DVD and Blu-Ray. Audiowise, we’re talking a total of 128 tracks, 43 of which are unreleased material. You want video? How about the near-mythical Journey Through the Past film for starters? Info? Try a 236-page hardback book (none of this "booklet" nonsense for Neil) on for size. And how deep do they go? Does the presence of a track by young’s high school band The Squires answer your question?