Dido’s subversive lyrics?

    There are plenty of singers it’s easy to picture facing accusations of politically subversive lyricism, artists you could imagine courting controversy by taking a controversial political stance in their songs. Thom Yorke, perhaps, or Shane McGowan, but Dido? The British pop songbird, whose most outstanding virtue is her inoffensiveness, has apparently gotten herself in hot water over the song "Let’s Do the Things We Normally Do" from her album Safe Trip Home


    Parlaiment member Gregory Campbell says Dido "should clarify her position" about the use of lyrics from Irish folk song "Men Behind the Wire" in her aforementioned tune. Lines like "Armored cars and tanks and guns/came to take away our sons/but every man must stand behind/the men behind the wire" prompted Campbell to insist "She knows it was written about…murderers, arsonists, and terrorists." So who’s next on the watch list, Katy Perry?