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Diddy's Blog Preview Uses Nine Inch Nails Song Without Permission


Diddy's awesome vlog preview video (and by awesome, I mean, crazy, and by crazy I mean crazy crazy, not funny crazy) has started to draw fire for something beyond its egregious use of a Fresh Prince quote: It seems the video uses Nine Inch Nails' "The Mark Has Been Made" from the instrumental album, The Fragile, without permission. Granted, I guess you can't sue a guy for using your song to promote a nutty blog he has coming out, but maybe Trent will demand the music be removed and something else will replace it. [P4K]


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Nine Inch Nails

The Fragile is not an instrumental album.


Not only is The Fragile not an instrumental album, the song used in that video is not "The Mark Has Been Made". I couldn't tell you what it actually is, but I'm listening to TMHBM right now and... yeah. Not the same song. Doesn't even sound like anything NIN has done.

On an unrelated note, that video is possibly the most disjointed, ambiguous, pretentious thing I've ever seen. Splicing images of Obama with random scenes from 300... the hell? It's like he just picked a whole bunch of stuff he thinks is cool at random and told his video editing guy to mix it up with some uninspiring scenes of spouting gibberish about getting "knocked down" and make it look awesome. Yeah Diddy, you rank right up there in importance with MLK Jr. I'm sure you've been just as oppressed as him too, with your record contracts, mansions and millions of dollars. Loved the classic "quick montage of feel good buzz words" too.


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