Diddy And Mercedez Do Super Bowl Ad


    Earlier this morning, our Dan Nishimoto talked about the hip-hop heavy Super Bowl halftime show and advertising, and how this is another notch in hip-hop’s dominance on global culture. I’d like to add a corollary to that: Diddy is one to thank for the advertisements, since he’s been friendly to advertisers for more than a few years, and always seemed like he realized the potential of taking Wall Street by storm*. So in some ways, it was Diddy’s success yesterday too, and to top it off, he played himself in a Mercedez Benz ad last night. Hilarity sorta ensues. Just know this: My mom can’t pick Tupac or Jay Electronica out of a lineup, but she thinks Diddy is a pretty good guy. 



    *– Not to mention him realizing the potential of a euro-dance/hip-hop crossover as far back as 2006, when the Peas were getting retarded.