Did Justin Bieber Lie To His Fans Just For A Crappy “Beauty And A Beat” Video Stunt?

    Oh, Biebs. You should be ashamed of yourself. When you Tweeted that your laptop was recently stolen — and that said laptop contained a significant amount of “personal footage” — you subsequently whipped your Beliebers into a frenzy and had the Internet wondering if a Bieber sex tape would soon hit the web. (What else could “personal footage” be, right?)

    Some time yesterday, MTV revealed that a mystery Twitter user named @gewxy admitted he/she was the culprit behind the stolen laptop. The user posted a variety of clips and images showing Bieber backstage, with friends and lounging in a pool. Once the Biebs himself began interacting with and retweeting the mystery account, things seemed slightly fishy.

    This afternoon, the whole hoax unraveled with the release of Bieber’s “Beauty And A Beat” video — a video which suggests the clip was stolen and posted by an “anonymous blogger.” We totally believe you, Biebs. Love how the thief was able to post the video to your official VEVO account, too! Now that’s attention to detail!

    If you’re the type of person who would enjoy seeing Bieber frolick in and around a pool with Nicki Minaj, you can watch the supposedly stolen “Beauty And A Beat” video below.