Did Gucci Mane Remove His Ice Cream Face Tattoo?

    So, uh, ‘member when Gucci Mane got that atrocious ice cream face tattoo you see above? There’s a good chance that the Atlanta MC came to his senses and recently had it removed. Last night, AllHipHop CEO Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur tweeted, “Does Gucci Mane still have that Ice Cream Cone tatted on his face?” Seems like a kinda dumb question, right? Does he still have that tattoo?

    Well, Creekmur’s tweet was soon responded to by AHH contributor Biba Adams, who said, “he was getting it lasered. It was really faded last i saw.” Word is that Ms. Adams has a pretty firm handle on ATL hip-hop in general, so we might as well believe her. Hopefully we’ll get new pics of Gucci’s mug soon, though.