Did “Gangnam Style” Star PSY Have An Affair With Girls Generation’s YoonA?

    There’s been a lot of speculation as of late if the horse-dancing “Gangnam Style” star PSY has had an affair with Korean K-pop celebrity YoonA from girl group Girls Generation. 

    Chinese media has started to post some articles stating that the world star had the affair roughly six months before “Gangnam Style” was released. 

    “Korean singer Psy had an affair with YoonA six months before the release of ‘Gangnam Style‘.

    “Psy attended a party held in celebration of preparation for another singer’s album. YoonA was sitting in the corner but as soon as Psy livened up the mood, she developed a favorable impression [of him].”

    “Psy’s wife knew of the affair but kept quiet because she did not want to destroy their family. When YoonA was asked about Psy during the Vivian Westwood fashion show held on the 2nd, she did not give an answer.”

    Both labels that represent PSY and YoonA have responded to the media wildfire that’s causing this stir at the moment. YG, PSY’s label came out saying that “The information is absurd. We are astonished.” On the other side, YoonA’s label SM stated that the claims “are nonsensical reports to which it is not worth responding to. We think it is quite regretful to hear.” There hasn’t been any comments from PSY or YoonA regarding the matter at this time. 

    The reports and claims have no source. And this seems like the right time for the media or at least “the source” to try and take PSY down during his the height of his career. Not too long ago there was news about PSY and his friend Kim Jang-hoon getting into a quarrel about the “horse dance.” So let’s see if this is just some troll by the Chinese media or something to get excited about. [All Kpop]