Dick Slang: The New “Members Only” Dance Craze (WTF)

    Warning: If high velocity penises frighten or offend you, do not watch this video.


    Unlike “The Dougie,” another new dance move chronicled by my colleague Andrew Winistorfer, the “Dick Slang” requires a tad more than just your arms to successfully accomplish.


    To perform the Dick Slang, you should come prepared with:


    1. A pair of baggy sweatpants or shorts (boxers optional).

    2. A baseball hat (for some reason).

    3. A crew of your favorite homeboys.

    4. A sick beat.

    5. A dick.


    As you can see from the above video, the Dick Slang is traditionally done in the confines of your own home, preferably in front of a web cam so you can compare your “moves” to those of your friends.


    Women should not attempt the Dick Slang, and should probably not condone it. [True Slant via Boing Boing]