‘Dexter’s’ Jennifer Carpenter Doesn’t Want To Make Deb Morgan A ‘Robot’

    This season on Showtime’s murderous drama Dexter, the title character’s adopted sister, Deb, has been facing a lot of challenging emotions and situations. Now that she’s been promoted to lieutenant and knows her brother’s secret, she’s been put in a difficult position.

    Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb, told The Hollywood Reporter that she sees Deb’s new power as the source of her questionable moral choices of late: “Deb is in a position of power now and unfortunately the way that a lot of politicians have to work these days a decision has to be made and you have to choose the best of the worst.”

    Carpenter also reveals that she requested the “cussing marathon” Deb, who’s been foul-mouthed since season one, had alone in an elevator in a recent episode. Carpenter says she didn’t want the audience to see Deb as a “robot,” because she’s still emotionally vulnerable. The actress extends this idea to argue that Deb will never become “more like Dexter.” Carpenter claims, “I think she might end up being the superhero at the end of the day, but it won’t be through actions like Dexter’s.”

    When asked if she wants Deb’s eventual love interest to be Dexter, whom she harbored confusing feelings for last season, Carpenter is confident: “Never. No.” Phew.

    Dexter airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.