Devo’s Los Angeles Museum Exhibit Will Feature 400 ‘Energy Domes’

    Devo, the wacky-yet-serious band of the 1980s, is getting artsy. We mean that literally: the band will be part of an exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.


    The Midwestern-bred spudboys won’t be showing paintings or anything that typical. Instead, some 400 of the band’s “energy domes” will be displayed. What are energy domes? They’re those red thingies the members of Devo sometimes wear on their heads. At the exhibit, they’ll be lined up against a gigantic wall.


    The exhibit is the latest happening in what’s shaping up to be a good year for the band. They dropped an album, Something for Everybody, that met with critical high-fives and came out with some clever viral videos goofing on the music industry.


    [Consequence of Sound]