Devo song from Dell ad to be released as a single

    You may have not noticed that Devo has had a new song featured in a Dell ad for well over a year. If you didn’t, it may be because you have been on Mars, under a rock, with your fingers in your ears. Yes, on virtually every channel you’ve turned to, you’ve heard Devo’s "Watch Us Work It" as part of Dell’s new advertising campaign, with futuristic/cyberpunk girls lifting weights and laptop screens. If you’ve wanted the song without the ad, you’re in luck: Devo will be release "Watch Us Work It" as a 12" single on December 9, on the Music Video Distributors label.


    Track listing is as follows:

    Watch Us Work It (Teddy Bears remix)

    Watch Us Work It 

    Watch Us Work It (Karaoke mix)

    Watch Us Work It (Still Working remix)

    Devo Was Right About Everything (Devo mix)


    And in case you haven’t seen that ad in the last 30 seconds :