Devo, Feist and Usher Set to Play at the Winter Olympics

    Devo is taking time out from being produced by Santigold to perform at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The new wave figureheads are just one of many artists appearing at the event, with Feist, Usher and the Fray all booked to appear between Feb. 13-27.


    Devo will appear on Feb. 22, and Mark Mothersbaugh, writing under his Booji Boy alias, has left the following message:  


    “Devo were collectively ready to relax in their matching LAZYBOY loungers, sipping drinks by the 19th hole, but the rate things have been falling apart, and the velocity of de-evolution these days left us with no choice but to get back out there and inform people that now, more than ever before, it is time to disobey the mob and think for ourselves! To remind people that biology is destiny, and de-evolution is real! We are back with inspirational tomes of truth and neuro-simpatico sonic nuggets for the entire world, not just our species!”


    The band will perform at Whistlers Medals Plaza, as part of the Whistlers Victory Ceremonies that will take place throughout the Olympics. And bassist Jerry Casale has some familiar words to add to Booji Boy’s statement: “We are really excited to have the opportunity to let everyone know that De-evolution is real!”


    [via The Quietus]