Devendra Banhart And His Hot Girlfriend Are In A Commercial For Expensive Glasses

    When did Devendra Banhart become one of the beautiful people? Remember when he was just the weird bearded guy who sang about pedophilia? Now here he is, lathering up his (real life) very attractive girlfriend, Rebecca Schwartz, in a four-minute-long “short film” (or commercial, as we call things like this in the real world) for eyeglass company Oliver Peoples. The film/commercial is directed by artist Lisa Eisner and shows Devendra and his lady acting like French New Wave starlets in the famous John Lautner-designed Rainbow House, which the Prefix readership might know better from its role in Lethal Weapon 2.

    Playing in the background is “Brindo,” off of Devendra’s What Will We Be. It’s a pretty commercial, as far as commercials go, but it’s still odd to see Devendra as such a non-creep. I guess that’s what happens once you date Natalie Portman.

    It is, however expensive to be the beautiful people. The Oliver Peoples sunglasses run from $285 to $500.



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