Details Of New Crystal Stilts Album ‘In Love With Oblivion’ Announced

    It’s been a while since Crystal Stilts foisted their compelling Alight of Night on the world, but now comes news of its long-awaited follow-up. The Brooklyn based group will release In Love with Oblivion on April 11 in the U.K., and will presumably do likewise in North America around the same time. News of its release comes via the Fortuna POP! label the band is signed to in Britain.


    This report on the Red Hot Velvet website claims In Love with Oblivion will contain “more flourishes of melody and a bigger, more expansive sound,” which sounds like a wise move considering the amount of similarly minded C-86 imitators that have crushed hard on the band’s heels.


    The track listing for the album looks like this:


    01 Sycamore Tree

    02 Through the Floor

    03 Silver Sun

    04 Alien Rivers

    05 Half a Moon

    06 Flying Into the sun

    07 Shake the Shackles

    08 Precarious Stair

    09 Invisible City

    10 Blood Barons

    11 Prometheus At Large