Details Emerge On Drake & Common’s ‘Altercation,’ Why Their Beef Ended

    A few days ago I posited the theory that Drake and Common had ended their beef because of their shared friendship with Stevie Wonder, who I figured would have told them to stop their bickering. Yet, after we learned that Com was officially done with it, we also reported that he and Drizzy apparently had an altercation backstage at the Grammys.

    It wasn’t really clear what happened, though that changes today thanks to the folks at HipHopWire. They learned that the two rappers and their entourages had a run-in backstage at the awards show and it was none other than Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, who stepped into the mix:

    [He] told Common the two artists “need to cut this out, y’all are better than this.” According to the source, the elder Graham’s intervention made Com change his approach, with cooler heads prevailing and the two rappers eventually going off to the side and speaking to each other alone.

    So that’s that then? We hope so.