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Despite Grammys, Remember Indie Music Only Claims 11% Of Music Sales

Leave it to the cold hard facts of Billboard to put Arcade Fire's Grammy win in perspective: Despite a coming out for indie culture, indie music still only claims 11 percent of total music sales. Independent artists may have won 45 of 108 categories, but still. 89 percent of music sales comes from four labels, so the indie revolution is still a few years off. [Billboard

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Arcade Fire

"Independent artists may have won 45 of 108 categories, but still. "

Really nice work you've done here. You sound bitter.

This article/blurb thing is pathetic. I can't believe it was a top result on google.


haha wow, did you ever think that maybe the judges base their decisions off of quality? probably not; i'm guess your logic is quantity=quality which is so flawed. with the exception of florence + the machine, arcade fire was the only group nominated that makes every single aspect of their music, there's no artificial beats, backing tracks, or ghost writing there. shouldn't that count for something? everyone just wants to bash on them without considering they're most definitely the hardest working group of the elected. billboard can have their numbers because they really don't matter for anything more than $$$


What an utterly worthless observation! I can't believe it took you over 50 words to say essentially nothing. This is my first time reading this site, but I will make every intention of avoiding it from here on out. Also, I hope you get stuck talking to a coworker who had a stupid dream that goes nowhere - that way you can experience what you bestowed upon your readers. I hate you very much.


Maybe they don't "account" for a higher percentage of sales because many of them do not have their sales revenue channelled through the industry's counting machines. Perhaps "11% of the funds we can track" might be more appropriate.

New Math

"best album of the year? but they didn go n feeture rihanna. Whet duh eff is diz jawn?!"


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