Watch: Reunited Desaparecidos Play New Song “Left Is Right”

    Conor Oberst and his ressurected punk/emo project Desaparecidos played a secret show last night in Omaha. This is on the heels of yesterday’s news of Desaparecidos playing a set at this summer’s Maha Music Festival in August after a ten year hiatus.

    According to the Omaha-World Herald’s music blog, Rock Candy, the deal went down at a local Omaha venue called Slowdown. “Hi guys, thanks for comming to our band practice,” Oberst said to the crowd as reported by Rock Candy.

    In the video below the boys thrash out a new track called “Left Is Right”, hinting the band hasn’t let it’s feud with politics at large drop. The vid is of cellphone quality but you get the gist of things from the energy on stage. The band’s set at Maha will no doubt be a noisy, thrashy, beautiful spectacle.