Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan Gives Insight Into The New Album

    In exciting news for fans of Depeche Mode, information about the band’s upcoming album has started to trickle out. Back in February, the band promised that their next record would be finished by the end of the year.  There hasn’t been much news since then, until new

    During an interview with Clash, Mode frontman Dave Gahan revealed that the band has laid down “close to twenty songs,” at their California studio.

    Gahan said that the album is going to be rawer than the band’s previous material: “Just because it’s another electronic record doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a certain edge to it. That’s what we’re getting with this. That’s what’s exciting with the Depeche record. We’re definitely going down that road, where we’ve got a lot more bluesy influence on it, and we’re trying to retain that more in the recording and not get too over-fussed about details.”

    It also looks like the record will arrive some time next year, with Gahan aiming for Spring 2013 date. A tour is in the works as well.