Depeche Mode Announce 13th Album – Hear A New Song Now

    Classic synthpop fans rejoice; 2013 will see the welcome return of Depeche Mode in all their dark, wry glory. The English trio have announced that they’re gearing up for the release of their 13th studio album as they celebrate their 33rd year of making the catchiest music that’s ever made you lose hope in all of humanity at once. During a press conference webcast from Paris this morning, the band declared that the new album would contain a total of 20 songs in a style that’s somewhere between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion–i.e. two of the best parents a newly birthed album can have. 

    There’s no title for the record yet that we know of, but you can listen to a demo of a brand new song below, accompanied by signature black-and-white studio footage. It’s a gritty take, as though Depeche Mode were leaning a few degrees toward Nick Cave. Listen: