Dennis Flemion Of The Frogs Presumed Dead

    The world just lost one of its major freak flags. Matador Records has announced that Dennis Flemion of the Frogs has gone missing and is now presumed dead. Flemion disappeared after going out for a swim in a lake in Wisconsin on Saturday. He was 57.

    The ’80s were pretty weird as it was, but few contributed so subversively to the bizarreness of the decade as brothers Dennis and Jimmy Flemion. As the Frogs, they wrote off-the-cuff lo-fi tunes on subjects even the grisliest of metal bands wouldn’t dare to touch, from race, gender, and sexuality to hard drugs to freaky sex-change operations. After rising to underground cult stardom, they signed to Matador and released much of the material from their homemade cassettes. Their performances were characterized by ridiculously flamboyant costumes and over-the-top humor. No one has done rock n’ roll absurdism half so well as these two guys did.

    The Frogs released two new albums last week on iTunes, Squirrel Bunny Juniper Deluxe and Count Yer Blessingz. It’s a real shame that they’ll be the last.

    Watch the duo performing “Hot Cock Annie” below.